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Managed to avoid the early reviews of WOLF OF WALL STREET, hurray! Just walked out of the cinema, the beautiful Tuschinski.  Going to watch it another time to and find some more flavours as you all know that a Scorsese movie
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The secret was always in the clockwork – Scorsese’s own Tales Of Hoffmann

Finally, finally, finally I saw HUGO. I’ve been rather expectant of this since October 2010. Those of you have read my blogs earlier, probably know what I’m on about. If not, here a few links: Million Dollar Weekend, Scorsese In
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Kotoko, slow talking mirrors and Brazilian snuff

That’s the joy of a festival, the sheer international diversity. In Rotterdam the focus on young directors and cinema in non-developing countries brings an always interesting programme of hits and misses. Yesterday I saw three very different films. One of
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Seeing Is Believing Visited – Hugo and Georges

As I’ve written earlier in Seeing is Believing, I went to the discussion session on Magic In Cinema at the Rotterdam Film Festival. As it happened I should have taken that literally. Focal point of the discussion was the magic
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Seeing is believing

If all goes well I’ll be in Rotterdam tonight for the International Film Festival. My friend Rick is “moderating” a discussion about magic in film and it looked like a good plan to go together and discuss several aspects of
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Scorsese In Osdorp (4)

Last part of the article for the Filmjaarboek 2010-2011 Crappy English Marijke Boonstra’s first film for Pim en Wim, Obsessions aka Bezeten – het gat in de muur from 1969, is the second link between Scorsese and Amsterdam. Obsessions was
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Scorsese In Osdorp (3)

THE CROSSROADS Scorsese has become the ultimate smuggler, after a brief early period of icon clashing. In that period he made mean streets, taxi driver and raging bull, founded in the New York of his younger years with the rules
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Scorsese In Osdorp (2)

Here part 2 of my article for the Filmjaarboek 2010-2011. MUSE “One could have an aspiration of making a film about impressions or feeling, emotions. But they have to be translated through a very primitive piece of equipment and they
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Scorsese In Osdorp
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